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This is a starting page of EnergyTorrent Wiki. Here project's community shares its developments, technologies and documentation. Join the development of open energy future!

Construction set principle

The core aim of the EnergyTorrent project is to create an open energy construction set. In other words, we work on developing a set of compatible technologies for the usage of renewable energy sources. These technologies (documentation, tech drawings, etc) are uploaded to this Wiki under open-source license.

Construction set approach means that we allow freedom in combining various technologies which we develop. For example, the heat for steam generation (steam is used in steam engine) could be obtained from solar concentrators or from burning biogas or by utilizing heat from the gasifier. The same can be done using alcohol burner. Thus for similar tasks we offer many variants which correspond to existing energy resources. More about energy construction set principles one can find at


EnergyTorrent works on a set of technologies which are, essentially details of our energy construction set. Currently we develop the following technologies:

Solar concentratorHeliocollectorGasifierBiogas digester

Rules and standards for creating and contributing to articles on this wiki: Rules and standards on EnergyTorrent Wiki

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